Avanti Networking have been hosting  virtual meetings during the Coronavirus pandemic

We understand that for many of our members, the monthly meetings we provide are a sounding board for ideas, a sales force, and a support network in unpredictable times.

We can all agree that these are certainly challenging times, and at the time when we all need the robustness of our professional networks, we can’t meet up with them for that much needed support. It’s a tough time out there but we at Avanti Networking are thankful that firstly not only do we have a great network of professionals who have all been on board with the steps taken, we can still facilitate virtual networking.

MJB Avanti Networking Ltd, MD, Victoria Sharp tells us why she believes a monthly catch up can make a difference, “The monthly meetings we are providing online are a place where our members can discuss their challenges, ask for advice, or simply share some positivity. The point is to start the conversation for people. You never know who is sat behind their screen worried, not knowing who to ask for help. I think we’ve all had testing moments recently, but it is how we come together to deal with concerns and reach positive proactive decisions to help ourselves and others that will make the difference”

So how can virtual networking help you now?

For those that are still able to work, you’ll probably be working from home. Having these virtual meet ups, gives a little structure to your day. They are an opportunity to ask the questions you need answered and potentially get help from an expert in their field. In addition to that, it is a sense of community especially for those who are sole traders and don’t have the support of  a colleague or staff. Telling others about  a plan also makes you accountable for your actions even if it is just saying that you are looking into a business loan or relief that is being made available, knowing that someone will follow up to see how you got on with something often ensures that you do follow up on your plans with action.

In these times, the unknown can leave people feeling lost and without direction, but what we all need to be doing is striving forward day by day until we can come out the other side, and at Avanti Networking we do  that together.

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