A wonderful testimonial from Lynn Turner of Cake and Catwalk  showing the true nature of Avanti Networking members, and why Avanti Networking works-

“As others have testified previously I could nominate so many of you in Avanti who are both supportive and instrumental in helping me with my business, but today I am nominating James Hunwicke of St James Place Management. 

The term wealth management suggests you probably have to have some serious wealth for someone to actually manage. Apparently this is not the case. Throughout my time with Avanti I have asked James to advise me how to make the most of my money for the future, but gaining access when I need it. He has patiently sat with me, whilst I stared vacantly and bewildered to put together a comprehensive saving plan that suits me and my funds. 

Not only that, he and his wife Mel are diligent with their aftercare and newsletters, updates and reports. They even organised a card and gift for my birthday last year- the personal touch, goes a long way. 

James and his Company are not only committed to their charities, giving their time and effort but James is a really genuine, calm and lovely person. 

We are lucky to have him as a member” – Lynn Turner, Cake and Catwalk