Unlike wine, cocoa does not grow extensively across the globe. Cacao/Cocoa/Chocolate can only be grown within a narrow region around the world which is up to 15 degrees either side of the equator. Even within this belt it cannot grow everywhere, it needs warmth, lots of moisture, long hours of sunshine and a rich soil.

Much like wine, chocolate reflects the flavours of the region where the cocoa beans are grown.  But unlike wine, most of the cocoa that is grown is blended with cocoa from other regions and countries, this is what makes up the blend that we know as Swiss, Belgian, French and even American chocolate.

Countries like Ecuador and Columbia are only able to produce a small quantity of cocoa beans each year (compared with countries like Ghana) and so they specialise in producing high quality Single Origin Chocolate made by growing cacao beans of superior flavour. It is only 5% of the world’s total cocoa production.

Like high quality wine, Single Origin Chocolate can be identified as growing in a plantation or a small, specific area. So, if you like to know the origin of what you eat, look for Single Origin chocolate, but expect to pay more for the quality.

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