3 09, 2018

Marvellous Monday Networking Tip – Make sure you’re refreshed

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Make sure you’re refreshed
To network successfully you’ll want to be at your best, so treat yourself to an early night the day before, and make your networking day a […]

16 08, 2018

Online Expert – Steve Hearnden

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Norwich Avanti Networking member and wine expert, Steve Hearnden of Tastebuds Wines Limited shares his take on ‘fashionable’ wines and what is hot right now…

The words ‘fashion’ and ‘fashionable’ […]

15 08, 2018

Marvellous Monday Networking Tip – Visitors and Substitutes

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Visitors and Substitutes
When you invite someone to a networking group either as a visitor or to sub for yourself, make sure they have a genuine interest in being there. […]

13 08, 2018

Marvellous Monday Networking Tip – Making Connections

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Whether it is your first meeting or you can’t get enough of networking events, don’t lose sight of the power of networking or the reason you decided to […]

6 08, 2018

Marvellous Monday Networking Tip – Listening

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When joining conversations, take time to listen before adding to the conversation. By listening, you can ensure that your contribution to the conversation is valid and show your fellow […]

2 08, 2018

Thoughtful Thursday

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30 07, 2018

Marvellous Monday Networking Tip – Sit with people you don’t know

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Sit with people you don’t know
Sitting with people we already having working relationships with can be viewed as  the easy networking option.

The next time you attend a networking event, […]

26 07, 2018

Thoughtful Thursday

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23 07, 2018

Marvellous Monday Networking Tip- Validate Your Referrals

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Validate your referrals
Networking is all about referrals, but to offer real value to your clients when referring the services of another professional and maintain the relationship of the professional […]

19 07, 2018

Online Expert- Wellbeing in the workplace

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Wellbeing in the workplace
This month’s online expert, Bury St Edmunds Member Sam Brook explains why your employees wellbeing is important as it is intrinsically linked to productivity and output. 

Wellbeing […]