How Can Networking Help Your Start Up?

A new year is viewed as a time to ring the changes and set ourselves new goals. For many this new goal will be becoming their own boss by starting their own business.

2019 saw almost 700,000 new businesses launch, and with 60% of start ups failing in their first 5 years – the question is – how do you build a business that is robust and  sustainable?

Well, one way is to build your professional networks!

If it is just you who has to be all things in your business, it’s helpful to have others around you who have walked in your shoes, and taken fledgling idea to successful business. Working for yourself can be rewarding but it can also be isolating and challenging – this is where having a professional network comes in, you will have people to ask those burning questions, you will have a room of people willing to test new products and services, you just need to commit to those members to get the true potential out of your networking experience.

You can learn so much from your professional networks, and the vast experience that will be in the room.

Network with intention and make sure your interactions are both purposeful and valuable.

Be genuine and support your fellow networkers in whatever way you can, everything from social media follows, and likes through to purchases, and referrals is good networking.

Don’t imitate others, be true to yourself, your story and your business – people buy people.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the support that you need, if you don’t ask, you won’t get – in fact the more specific your request is, the more likely you are to get the help you need.

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