If the thought of networking fills you with dread, you may find it easier to volunteer to help with networking events than attending to network.

I know, you’re probably sat there thinking- how do I volunteer at an event?

Opportunities will depend on the format of the event and any rules regarding the position of members and visitors, but you could;

  • Help with the set up – and get to know the organiser while you do so.
  • Volunteer to speak at events – as a speaker you will be in  a privileged position of having your logo and literature in front of all attendees.
  • Welcome visitors to the event by helping to sign them in – this way you’ll know exactly who is coming, what they do and if they are someone you’d like to connect with.
  • Sponsor an event – more than just budgeting though, if you sponsor an event you should be seen to attend too, also consider if the branding of your business and the event complement each other.

Avanti networking offer business networking to businesses of any size across Essex and Suffolk. With competitive fees, friendly atmosphere and structured agenda- why not come along and see how we can help move you and your business forward this month?

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