Don’t underestimate the value of business networking

It’s a common mistake to write off business networking for a multitude of reasons, and we’ve heard many of them;

“It doesn’t apply to me”, “My business doesn’t need to network”, “It’s a waste of my time”, “I don’t get anything from networking”

If you feel that these statements are correct, you’ve been going to the wrong groups, or maybe you are not taking the right approach.

What if we told you that it does apply to you, for growth opportunities and support for you and your business it is needed, and making multiple connections in your local business community is in no way a waste of your time.

When deciding how to spend your marketing budget for the next financial year, you might want to do your research and find a networking group in your area that is supportive, promotes mutually beneficial relationships and is a convenient fit for your schedule.

Enter, Avanti Networking.

By visiting Avanti Networking, you can see the benefits for yourself and start making connections straight away. You’ll start building relationships that not only convert into customers or clients, but also lead to collaborations and partnerships.

Of course this does take time, but view each hour you spend networking as marketing, you’re not just marketing your business, you’re marketing yourself. People will ask themselves if you are someone they want to do business with, so do put in the effort and don’t neglect your professional networks as you grow allowing people to get to know, like and trust you.

The power of the business network is huge, but it needs to be nurtured, maintained and cultivated.

Particularly for start-up SME’s, networking can mean gaining a professional community that offers a robustness to your growing business.

Contact Emma-Louise for networking opportunities in your area.