The perfect handshake

Have you been on the receiving end of a limp handshake or worse still a bone crushing grip?

No? Maybe you are the bone crusher?

It’s a frequent assumption that our handshakes are good and give a great first impression of us.

The humble handshake is often missed, we put together the power outfit, consider our carefully chosen words, and then fluster a bungled handshake that misses the mark.

Have you been left hanging when offering a handshake?

  • Offer a verbal greeting just before you extend your hand to get their attention.
  • Avoid interrupting a conversation with an intruding hand
  • Approach from the front, offering your hand from the side leaves it open to being missed.

Here are a few tips to execute the perfect handshake;

  • If meeting someone in a senior position to yourself, wait for them to offer the handshake.
  • Make eye contact with a sincere smile.
  • Believe it or not there is a ‘perfect’ length of time and it is believed to be 2-5 seconds but again you should be attentive to the other persons position and await for them to release.
  • Your free hand should be in an open position to avoid looking defensive and should not make contact with the other person unless in a social setting.

Next time your planning your elevator pitch and coordinating the perfect outfit, spend a moment practicing your handshake and let it do the talking for you at your next networking event.