The networking doesn’t stop when your guest accepts your invitation, it’s just beginning.

Hopefully they have accepted your invite, but if you have sent an invitation don’t be afraid to check in and see if they have received it and have booked their place.

On the day, either offer to meet your guest before the meeting or arrive early enough to greet your guest when they arrive.

Introduce them to fellow networkers that they have valid connections with. Consider similar industry representatives so that they are in their comfort zone e.g. if your guest works in floristry introduce them to an events venue. If they are nervous, this approach works to slowly integrate them, before they know it they’ll be making genuine connections and adding real value to their networking experience.

Make sure the organisers know if they are nervous- we would always prefer that visitors are comfortable, and while taking part in the spotlight is a great benefit of attending Avanti Networking,  if they are not happy to speak, they don’t have to.

Personally, thank your visitor during your I’ve been busy, what better way to acknowledge their acceptance of your invitation than to say thank you for coming.

Speak with them after the meeting to see how they found it and if they would like to visit again or even join.

The Avanti team work hard to ensure that each member is looked after as much or as little as needed, and the same applies to our visitors. We like to make sure that we personally meet and greet you, we listen to concerns and support you where needed. The personal touch is what sets Avanti Networking apart, and by personally introducing your visitors, and effectively mentoring them through their first Avanti experience, you are showing all of our guests exactly what the difference is!

Avanti Networking. No more awkwardness, warm, welcome and productive!