Of course when you attend a business networking event, your goals are to extend your professional networks, gain contacts and referrals. Add a sociable dimension to your networking instead of being purely business, and you will see your efforts rewarded.

So, say yes to invitations, remain open minded to the possibilities of attending, and meet great people.

Most importantly commit to your plans as your social actions will reflect on your professionalism.

Be open to meeting people, get to know the people behind the businesses, and turn social interactions into real business returns.

The next time you’re attending a business networking event, have fun, be open and say yes.

Avanti networking offers fun, supportive business focused networking events across Suffolk and North Essex.

Why not say yes to attending one of our upcoming events and build your business by making connections? Call 01473 558866 to book your seat now, and see how Avanti can help move you and your business forward.