Business Cards

 It’s amazing how many times we’ve attended exhibitions and business networking events and someone will arrive without their business card.

We’re all human after all and it is an easy oversight, but it’s an oversight that can cost you dearly making you look unprepared.

To avoid the awkward pocket pat as you acknowledge the empty void where you anticipated your business cards would be, use your phone to your advantage, as  your guaranteed to have this on you!

Add yourself in the contacts, use your corporate head shot, full name, position and Company details.

When you do manage to produce your card, remember to use it wisely.  Use both sides for maximum use of the small space available and don’t forget to ensure the essential contact details are on there!

Moving forward if you forget those shiny cards you paid to have printed,  avoid the ‘networking fail’ fluster and call on your trusty back up plan instead. Use this as an e-business card.