Find the right environment

The secret to successful business networking is being comfortable doing it. Like wearing a comfortable outfit, you’ll feel at your best and project your best self.

So when considering networking, visit groups that offer different times, in various settings and see which works best for you.

You’ll find some groups  have a corporate feel and are very structured, while others are informal and centre around building genuine relationships.

There is such a wide variety of networking groups now available to choose from; meeting weekly or monthly, meeting early, lunch-time or evenings  – you will be able to find the one that fits you and your business.

Avanti Networking provides an environment where you can be yourself, after all ‘people buy people’ and we want you to shine, so that the members do business with you, because  they are invested in building relationships and collaborations with you.

Avanti offer a friendly environment for you to network productively. We find that placing emphasis on building relationships, over cold hard business, leads to business naturally – this way genuine relationships are formed.

If you have networked and found it awkward, too time consuming or feel that it was money wasted, it’s time to give cost effective Avanti Networking a call  08000 388799