Networking beyond the meeting

The next time you’re at a networking event, don’t forget that the networking continues after you leave…

The clue is in ‘social networking’, you most likely already use social media to spread your news, and promote your events, but do you use social networks to network for your contacts?

Try sharing events that you hear about at your next networking event, or tagging people in content that is relevant to them- perhaps an interesting blog that references an interest they shared with you. Share details about the networking group you visit, to show your support and help reach businesses that may like to visit, allowing you more opportunities to create those great connections with a wider sphere of contacts.

We spend more and more time on social media, so start making it work for you, by building genuine relationships with your contacts.

Avoid instantly requesting people you meet, instead do it in the evening or the next day- this shows that you are not just playing the numbers game and that you have instead made a considered decision to connect.

Avanti Networking offers members the opportunity to continue their networking with the close connections made on our closed Facebook group, or via the open Facebook page to reach a wider audience. Creating a wider community beyond your specific group.