Ditch the sales pitch

Successful business networking is based on building relationships, therefore requires a softer lighter approach to a standard pitch.

We all know it’s pretty standard stuff to have your elevator pitch ready in case of that chance meeting where you need to quickly tell someone who you are and what you do, that is what the 60 second spotlight is all about, so how do you go about building business relationships without the hard sell?

Invest your time in networking, find the people that you are looking to make relationships with, do your research and strike up a conversation- a bit of background knowledge will count here.

For Example, check out their LinkedIn Profile, chances are if they’ve been nominated for industry awards or achieved an anniversary milestone, it’ll be there – congratulate them. Theses small efforts and acknowledgments tell potential clients/ contacts and fellow networkers that are interested in them and that you take networking seriously.

Of course ultimately we are all hopeful of the sale at the end of the tunnel, so don’t forget your sales pitch- have it ready for that moment when you are asked about your business, latest product or service launch, and be ready to pack a punch with something outstanding that you have recently achieved.