How do you handle a negative experience when networking?

It’s easy to assume that when networking, everyone you meet at networking events has a proven track record, and will provide a consistently good product or service, but what do you do when a business transaction doesn’t go smoothly and you feel disappointed?

Firstly, there are two sides to every story, so if you feel the final product or service doesn’t meet the brief- did you provide a full brief? Did the other party receive all information from you in time for any applicable deadlines, or did you run things close to the wire and leave little room for errors to be fixed?

Perhaps something didn’t live up to your expectation? Sometimes you’ll hear how amazing someone is at what they do, or how their product is all singing and dancing, but it might not work for you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they or their product are bad, it may just mean that this particular thing is not suitable for you.

So, when this happens how do you address it when you are going to see this person at future meetings?

Remember that the event organisers are here to help and support you, at Avanti Networking, the organisers are always present and happy to listen to and address any valid concerns that a member or visitor has. We pride ourselves on supporting our members in all aspects of business networking, so that they may get the most out of it, and enjoy a positive experience.

While you may feel aggrieved, take  a moment to think about how you would like someone to handle an issue they may have with you, and consider what the best course of action to take is.

You don’t have to stand up and say what a wonderful service or product you have received, instead you can simply say that “You purchased X from X”, this way you are letting the group know that you have supported  a member by using them, but also not actively recommending and promoting them. Remember referrals reflect on you, so when referring someone, you need to be 100% happy and confident that they will do a good job.

Avoid negative comments and conversations, you don’t have to say that the experience was negative, you can simply say “It wasn’t for me”

Ultimately, move on from it, remain positive and remember that you are here to grow your business. Often, it’s quite likely a one-off ‘bad’ experience that isn’t worth fussing over. If you do however feel that it needs further action, contact the organisers who will gladly help both parties to resolve a dispute.

If you are interested in business networking in a supportive environment, where you are given advice and the tools to network successfully, try Avanti Networking, contact us to arrange a visit today.