Like many networking networking groups, Avanti networking hosts encourage members to get to know each other through 1-2-1’s between meetings. Unlike others though there is no pressure to commit to a minimum number of them or turn them into business transactions straight away.

Instead our advice is to make your 1-2-1’s a fun informal occasion where you get to know the people behind the businesses.

Business has long been done, and deals signed off on the golf course and increasingly we want to know the people behind the emails and online marketing, so step out of the office for your next 1-2-1.

The next time you book a 1-2-1, make it a social occasion, indulge in a hobby or interest and introduce someone to your personal networks.

Getting to know the real you, encourages others to build a relationship with you, buy from you and refer you.

For networking that places great importance on building relationships first, call Avanti to find a group near you (08000) 388 799