We’ve all met so called ‘serial networkers’ , and while it’s great to be represented at your group, it’s more important to be represented by someone who has a genuine interest in being there, contributing and making genuine connections, and not just in it for a quick sale.

Ask yourself;

“Would I want my fellow networker to be subbed by someone that does not add value to the group or their colleagues?”

If you’re a small business, maybe a one man band, you may be concerned that you have no one you can send a s a good substitute however there are more options than you realise, for example;

A customer, that you are giving an opportunity to promote themselves and their business.

A supplier whom you would happily refer, an opportunity t increase their client base and add value to the group.

A friend or family relation who will genuinely want to be there to help you and can only further increase the potential business for the room with who they know. You never know who someone may know, so don’t pre judge?

If you do have staff, you have no excuse not to be represented, this is  a great opportunity for them to see how you make connections and grow your business.