Arrive Early.

There is always the temptation to make our schedule tight and pack it full of meetings, networking and all the day to day jobs required to run a business.

When it comes to networking, arriving early is your best strategy.  Try clearing your diary either side of the meeting, that way you are not rushing to the start, becoming flustered and not projecting your best self and leaving time at the end means you have the opportunity to continue chatting and building relationships with your fellow networkers.

Arriving early means you will be one of the first in the room. Avanti Networking make a point of introducing you to members who may be relevant contacts for you / them , so this strategy will give you the pick of the bunch before everyone gets involved and avoid the tricky situation of interrupting flowing conversations.   This works particularly well for introverted networkers, who prefer 1-2-1 networking to  larger group conversations.

If you’re a nervous networker, or don’t see the value in networking groups, give Avanti Networking a try. Our closed category format, structured agenda, combined with a personable approach means that Avanti Networking shatters preconceptions of business networking.  Book here