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Charity Support

Supporting our charity members is really important to everyone involved with Avanti Networking, so it’s always a pleasure to handover a donation, on thisoccasion to Fresh Start New Beginnings.
We […]

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Thursday Thought

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Marvellous Monday Networking Tip – Research

Do Your Research

Once you’ve found the networking event that fits for you, and you’ve booked your place, research who attends.

Your research should go beyond which companies are attending though, […]

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Networking Tip – Attendance

Once you have worked out which events will give you the most value, e.g.

Suit your budget
Fit your schedule
Allow you to meet the connections you want to […]

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Online Expert – Changes to Legislation Affecting Landlords


There have been some big changes in the letting industry this year. It is important that landlords realise how these changes may affect them.

The tenant fee ban – […]

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‘Old School’ Networking Remains Effective

Some believe that the traditional ways of networking for your business are outdated. For many, traditional networking methods and tools are the go to for building business connections;

Start […]

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Online Expert – TotalView Consultancy Services

What level of action do I need to take?

Unsure about what level of information security is required for your business, then a great place to start is by identifying […]

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Thank you to Katrina Love

“I have made some great business connections, been inspired, got to know and use excellent local business services and made amazing friends…I would highly recommend […]

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Thoughtful Thursday

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