Successful Suffolk based Avanti Networking crosses the border to launch in Norwich.

Since our launch in 2009, we have grown from 1 group of 8 women to three groups in excess of 80 members, and we boast a steady flow of visitors to our groups too. All of this alongside running our successful tax accountancy practice and launching our franchise opportunity throughout the UK. Team Avanti have been busy!

Our lunchtime monthly meetings provide opportunities to engage with like-minded business owners from a wide range of industry sectors.

Come along on Tuesday 26th June 12-2pm to our launch event and see what all the fuss is about. We will be holding our launch at the Best Western Plus, Oaklands Hotel & Restaurant, 89 Yarmouth Road, Norwich, NR7 0HH.

A nominal booking fee of £10.00 per person is applicable, please contact or call 01473 558866 and speak to Emma-Louise to book your place now.

Don’t underestimate the value of business networking

 Victoria Sharp, MD at Avanti explains “It’s a common mistake to write off business networking for a multitude of reasons, and we’ve heard many of them;

“It doesn’t apply to me”, “My business doesn’t need to network”, “It’s a waste of my time”, “I don’t get anything from networking” If you feel that these statements are correct, you’ve been going to the wrong groups, but there is another way- a fresh thinking approach that brings you a vibrant, supportive and genuine network that will give your business the robustness it needs to survive and grow. What if I told you that it does apply to you, for growth opportunities and support for you and your business it is needed, and making multiple connections in your local business community is in no way a waste of your time.”

Victoria adds, “We are committed to welcoming members and guests in a relaxed, mutually supportive environment and with a policy of only one person from each profession or trade positions tend to fill up very quickly.”

Enter, Avanti Networking.

By visiting Avanti Networking, you can see the benefits for yourself and start making connections straight away. You’ll start building relationships that not only convert into customers or clients, but also lead to collaborations and partnerships.

Of course, this does take time, but view each hour you spend networking as marketing, you’re not just marketing your business, you’re marketing yourself.

The power of the business network is huge, but it needs to be nurtured, maintained and cultivated.

Why is Avanti different?

Avanti is more than a brand, it’s the team behind the scenes making sure that each event runs smoothly, that we’re listening to our members and making sure our events are useful and relevant. It’s being greeted warmly and introduced to relevant members. It’s tending to any concerns to make sure everyone is comfortable and supported.

It’s actions rather than words that set Avanti Networking apart from the crowd.

When businesses come together, magical things happen.

If you are still in any doubt, we’d like you to consider this and the benefit that joining Avanti Networking could bring your business;

 In a 2017 survey based on 1 years membership, a sample of 38 members showed that they had received total revenue of £93,962.50. 

 Avanti, Moving you and your Business Forward